10 Inspiring Sunrise And Sunset Photography Shots


The real beauty of sun can’t be described well than the words by George R.R. Martin “When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.” The sun glorifies our world depicting the entire beauty of world in front of our eyes. Who says there is no charm in Sun – see those golden moments of sunrise and sunset. Photography enthusiasts are looking for such golden moments to save them forever without taking into account the heat, ultraviolet rays, and other bad things.

Taking awe-inspiring and attractive sunrise and sunset shots require some extra knowledge, techniques, creativity, timing and focus. Below is collection of some really outstanding photos of sunrise and sunset by Evan Leeson which speaks much about how our day actually starts and end. Enjoy and don’t forget to share.

1. How darkness pursues the light

 2. Sunspill

3.  Caught no fish, don’t care…

 4. Three boats at sunset

5.  Lightswept Flood

 6. High Dynamic Sunset

 7. Sunset Trio

 8. Reimag(in)ing a Hornby Island Sunset

 9. The walk back from the edge

 10. Sunset Hacky Sack


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