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10 Most Popular Asianovela Addiction sometimes can be so alarming, but not with this one. Up to this date hundreds of television dramas has come out like you’ve never imagine, and the Asians prove to have conquer not only inside their continent but also on the other side of the globe. Dubbed or subtitled, it doesn’t matter so long as you’re updated on what’s new in the “asianovela” world. Here are only some of the best and most franchised dramas from the east that will come to you in familiarity and some you’ll be interested in. Take a quick look of 10 most popular Asianovela and enjoy the addiction.

1. You’re Beautiful

You're Beautiful-Most Popular Asianovela

You’re Beautiful was aired year 2009 in Korea’s SBS channel that wowed not only the nation but also has high rating in its first franchise in the Philippines. A story of a female who transformed herself and pretended to be a man particularly his brother due to some contract on a recording agency and the band named A.N.Jell , then eventually found love interest on her way. Some interesting fact about this series is during the television run lots of car companies offered to have their cars used for promotional purposes and people became addicted not only to the drama itself but also with the soundtrack that sold 20,000 copies on its first week. The drama lasted for 16 episodes which is the normal running time for most “koreanovela”

 2. Lovers in Paris

Lovers in Paris Most Popular AsianovelaLovers in Paris is at second place on most popular Asianovela. It was aired on June 2004 and run for 20 episodes, Lovers in Paris is the first and the most popular of the LOVERS trilogy that capture the hearts of most Asian viewers including Korea itself, Japan, Singapore and Philippines. It also has a Filipino remake adopting the same title and same plot of a struggling woman who falls in love with a rich business man. Typical as it seem but the acting is superb that you can’t wait to watch the next chapter. Most of the scenes were filmed in Paris and South Korea.

 3. Meteor Garden/ Boys Over Flowers/ Hana YoriDango

Based on Japanese Manga published in Japan titled ‘Boys Over Flowers’, Meteor Garden is only one of its famous adaptaion. It was made and aired in Taiwan from April 2001 to December 2002 and comes with 2 parts. It is the first adaptation and  people from Indonesia, Philippines and Hong Kong were amongst the few countries that loved the said drama. The story centers on a poor teenage girl and became a student in a University for rich people. There she met four popular, rich and handsome boys that are called F4. Hate then love exist  with her and the leader of F4 and then on their journey to their love survival began.

Boys Over Flower from Korea adopt the same name from the Manga series and was the shortest among the 3 adaptation but considered to be the most popular. It is also the last following the Hana YoriDango from Japan. It aired in Korea on January 2009 to March 2009 with 25 episodes and followed airing in 20 more countries including Asia, United States and other part of South America. In North America, it has also a DVD released in 2009. This series creates another Korean wave throughout Asia and made the actors at their super-stardom.

Hana YoriDango was the second produced series by Japan the origin of the original Manga. This one is more likely to be similar with the one from Korea and has capture audiences in Asia. It was known in Japan to be one of the most popular drama on the year it was made and the actors earn lots of awards.

 4. Secret Garden

Secret Garden Most Popular Asianovela

Secret Garden is a 2010 Koreanovela that became a hit again not only in its nation but also in the United States and other 12 countries. The acting has also been rewarded by numerous awarding bodies. It is considered to be one of the most popular fantasy drama and lasted for 20 episodes. The plot centers of a stuntwoman whose envied by lots of actresses whom she work for because of beauty and body and an arrogant and eccentric CEO. They both have denials on how they feel with each other until a strange sequence of events happen resulting in swapping of their boddies.

 5. Endless Love 4 Set Series

Endless Love comes with 4 parts with 4 different story and each one are tearjerker.  The first one aired on 2000 and the last was on 2006 and never failed to amaze the viewers. It has reach viewers from Philippines which also made a remake on their own on each of the 4. They also conquer Indonesia and Puerto Rico.

Endless Love 1 (Autumn in My Heart)

Endless Loveimage source

 Endless Love 2 (Winter Sonata)

endless love 2image source

 Endless Love 3 (Summer Scent)

endless love 3image source

Endless Love 4 (Spring Waltz)

endless love 4

6. Coffee Prince

coffee princeCoffee Prince is another story of a tomboyish girl who pretends to be a man. It contains “pseudo-homosexual” elements, because the man does not initially know of the tomboyish woman’s true gender that made it more interesting because it shows how true love works. It was aired on 2007 in Korea and has a lot of franchise in other countries. It has also a remake by Philippines and Thailand.

 7. Full House

Full House

Full House was aired last 2004 and lasted for 16 episodes. The title came from the house the female lead character lived in, while on vacation her two friends sold the house to a famous actor and that where their love story begins. Simple story but comes with great actors and setting will surely make you stuck into it.

 8. Dong-Yi

Dong-YiDong-Yi is on number eight on our list of 10 most popular Asianovela. Dong- Yi is a historical drama based on the life of a Royal Noble Consort or a King’s wife/concubine. The story focuses on how a palace maid became a wife of a King and reached the second highest rank next to queen. It is really heart-warming and exciting because it does not only come with a love story but also the thrills in her quest to survive being a low born child. It will surely mark on your heart how she manage to be tough, wise, sincere and warm all at the same time. Somehow it will inspire you to aspire higher even if you came from the poor. It receives different awards and had reached 14 countries around the globe.

 9. Queen Seondeok

Queen SeondeokAnother historical drama, this one chronicles the life of Queen Seondeok of Silla, the first Queen ruler in Korea. Deokman was born to be a princess and with a twin but separated due to a threat from a royal concubine and eventually sent afar to be protected. As she grows, and learned about her origin, she managed to retain her thrown and became the first female ruler in Korean dynasty; however the man whom she loves was the one who opposes her thrown the most. It was considered to be one of the most expensive drama in Korea but pays off because of the awards and international broadcasts turnbacks.

 10. Dae Jang Geum

Dae Jang GeumFinally on the most popular Asianovela’s List is Dae Jang Geum, which is about “The Great Jang Geum”, the first female royal physician of the Joseaon Dynasty in Korea. It is another story of a struggle from rags to becoming known and with great deeds. It is considered the first successful historical drama in Korea and gain extensive success in 11 other Asian countries and 17 countries outside the continent. This only proves that Asianovela or Asian series can be consider one of the most watched series all over the world and that never stops from this 10 favorites.

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