4 Reasons to Consider Buying Men’s Diamond Rings


The growing popularity of men’s diamond rings proves that these sparkling gemstones are not just a girl’s best friend. Men’s diamond rings make for excellent wedding bands for a variety of visual, financial and romantic reasons. Here are four reasons to consider buying your groom a diamond ring for his wedding band. Men's Diamond ring 11. Diamonds are tough. The natural beauty of diamonds sometimes overshadows the fact that they are incredibly durable. A 10 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring material. Because of their durability, there’s little question why diamonds have become such a popular choice for both men’s and women’s wedding bands. Diamonds are extremely scratch-resistant and are also not prone to oxidizing or reacting when exposed to chemical materials. This makes men’s diamond rings extremely suitable for everyday wear and ideal for use as wedding bands or anniversary rings.

2. Diamonds are financially sound. With a long standing history of being used in upscale jewelry, diamonds have a luxury appeal that is unlikely to wane any time soon. Do a little groundwork before buying men’s diamond rings to ensure that you are making the best investment possible. Unsurprisingly, “natural” diamonds are more valuable than synthetic diamonds or diamonds that have been treated in some way. Familiarize yourself with the four C’s of diamonds (cut, clarity, color and carat weight), as well as what is sometimes referred to as the fifth C: certification. Diamonds that have been certified are generally considered to be a better investment than non-certified diamonds.

3. More than just “white.” While white or colorless diamonds may be considered the classic choice for men’s diamond rings, there are actually far more options available.Brown and yellow diamonds actually occur more frequently in nature, and can be less expensive than similar styles using colorless stones. Guys naturally gravitate towards the warm masculine look of men’s diamond rings with brown stones, or as they’re more often referred to as, cognac stones.

Another frequently sought after choice for men’s diamond rings is black diamonds. The rich ebony hue of black diamonds is undeniably striking and slightly edgier than white diamonds. Important to note: most of the black diamonds used in men’s diamond rings have been color-treated to achieve their deep jet color (naturally black diamonds are very expensive and not a true black).

Men's Diamond ring 24. He’ll have a ring that matches yours yet is utterly unique. With so much attention and energy devoted to finding the bride’s engagement ring, the groom’s wedding band can often be neglected and almost treated as an afterthought. Buying him a diamond ring for his wedding band focuses some of the attention on your groom, and makes him more of an equal figure in the wedding process. Many men these days aren’t satisfied sticking with a plain traditional band, hence the growing popularity of men’s diamond rings. Since most men’s diamond rings use smaller stones that function more as design elements, you’ll be able to get him a stylish band that is more reflective of his personal taste, but without breaking the budget.

Make sure to also consider setting materials outside of the standard precious metals like gold and platinum. Precious metal palladium is being seen more and more as a setting for men’s diamond rings, but other less expensive options also exist. Contemporary metals like cobalt chrome and Argentium silver offer settings that are traditional in appearance, yet a fraction of the price of their precious metal counterparts.

Needless to say, there are many reasons why men’s diamond rings are worth your consideration when choosing his “forever” band. No matter what the diamond band you end up choosing looks like, he will have a ring that truly reflects your love for him.

This Guest post is contributed by Tanya Nauri who writes articles on men’s diamond rings and wedding bands for JustMensRings.com

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