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The world of technology has advanced exponentially the last few years, and it is expected to do so in the future. Although its mission at first was to make our lives easier, in the post-modern times the number of technologies you own say something about your social and financial status. In other words, tech is being re-purposed; it is converted into a common good that everyone can buy at fabulously cheap prices and then simply discard once they are bored of it or when a new generation of that same product comes out. It seems as though people are so wrapped up in the consumerist mentality of these times that no gadget is performing or stylish enough that it cannot be replaced within a few 2 or 3 months with another slightly modified version of itself (i.e. Apple’s ipads). In the following paragraphs we will present some of the latest gadgets that you can find on the market and it is up to you, the readers, to decide whether they are more or less useful in everyday life.

1. Air Umbrella

Air Umbrella is a unique electronic gadget, and the concept of it has been patented by two designers: Je Sung Park and Woo Jung Kwon. The unconventional umbrella works in the following way: the stick of the umbrella can change its length and at its base you have the control button; once you press it, the handle blows the air beneath it above your head, thus creating an adjustable air-curtain that protects you from the raindrops; if the rain is heavier then you can adjust the power with which the air is being blown in order to avoid getting wet. The gadget has been promoted as ensuring maximum portability (i.e. you can carry it in your pocket or your bag) and as Eco-friendly due to the fact that it discourages the use of plastic bags.

2. The Popinator

The Popinator is a voice-activated robot designed to release popcorn from its stash and project it right into your mouth at command. This invention has also been labeled as the “ultimate feeding toy” of the century because it is based on high end engineering, and the idea stemmed out of the need to multitask. Actually, the Popinator uses a binaural microphone system, which is very similar to the science behind our hearing system, in order to decode the distance from which the word “Pop!” has been said and the trajectory. Although there are a few infinitesimal errors of decoding the sound because of possible sound wave interferences, the Popinator is still amazingly precise at delivering the “Pop!”.

3. BoostTurbine

Have you ever considered the possibility that at some point mankind will have to adapt energy wise? Well, this next gadget is way ahead of you: the BoostTurbine is specifically designed to provide you with a portable charger that you can use for you telephone or laptop or any other device even if you do not have any power source near you (i.e. if you are in the forest). The BoostTurbine has a hand-turbine power generator and a rechargeable lithium battery, so that with only one minute of turning that handle you have enough energy to re-open your telephone, make a few calls and send texts. One can say that such a gadget can literally save your life!

4. ICEdot Sticker

The ICEdot Sticker, also called the Crash Sensor, is the latest technology developed for cyclists. Practically, this sensor, once it is placed on the bike helmet, connects with the rider’s cell phone via Bluetooth. Let us see how it works: if you fall off your bike or your helmet is knocked off you head, the sensor will automatically start calling all your emergency contacts in the list, also giving them your GPS coordinates. In case of false crash detection – when you accidentally drop the helmet on the ground, for example – there is a countdown before the sensor starts dialing, so that you have enough time to stop it from continuing if you are really not hurt. I think that everyone riding a bike will feel a little bit safer once they get the Crash Sensor.

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