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Most of the happiest households are those with dogs. Dogs can be great sources of happiness for any family. Their different antics will make you laugh, and their constant companionship will always be enough to brighten up your day. Of course, dogs come with plenty of responsibility. They have to be trained, fed, groomed, exercised, and played with. It’s important to have plenty of time for them.

If you already know the pros and cons of owning a family dog and have already made up your mind about getting one, the next step is choosing the right breed for you. The following is a guide on different family-friendly dog breeds. Note that at the end of the day, a dog’s temperament and disposition will depend on how well you treat them. Keep your dog happy and make them feel loved, and they’ll reciprocate this for as long as they live.

5. Old English Sheepdog

The Old English Sheepdog is everything you want in a family pet. It was originally bred as a farm dog but it makes a great family dog, too. This breed is very playful, loyal and affectionate. The Old English Sheepdog is also very smart making it highly-trainable. However, patience needs to be exercised during training because this can sometimes be too energetic.

One important thing you need to know before getting a puppy of this breed is that it requires a lot of attention in terms of grooming. Its coat is long and quite fluffy, so it’ll be costly and time-consuming to maintain. Make sure that you can handle the responsibility before committing to owning an Old English Sheepdog.

4. Great Dane

The Great Dane is one of the most beautiful dogs you’ll ever see. It’s large and very muscular, making it look like a tough dog. However, the Great Dane has a very charming disposition. It’s very friendly, loving, and energetic – making it a great companion for young children. The breed is also very intelligent and responsive.

The Great Dane will be happiest if you have a house with a lot of space and a big yard as it needs daily exercise. If you have less space, take your dog out for a daily long walk to make sure it gets the exercise it needs. Grooming isn’t a big problem with this breed because its hair is short, but bathing proves to be quite tedious for the owner because of the breed’s size.

3. Pug

If you don’t want a large dog, the Pug is a great breed to consider. It’s generally very playful and full of energy. They’re also friendly to children and visitors, and to other pets. This breed won’t do well in a house with poor ventilation because of its short muzzle. It makes the dog prone to respiratory problems. Just make sure to avoid extremely cold or extremely hot temperature in your home to make sure that your Pug stays healthy.

Grooming the Pug isn’t a very big task. Because it’s a small breed, it takes very little time to bathe. Just don’t forget to dry them right after bathing. Also, it will be smart to pay attention to the creases on its face when bathing to make sure that everything is cleaned properly.

2. Beagle

The Beagle is small to medium in size. It’s also a very happy and sweet dog, always greeting anyone with a wag of its tail. It’s not the most intelligent dog so you’ll have to be very patient with it, but as long as your puppy properly trained there shouldn’t be any problem.

Beagles are ideal for medium sized homes. They’re quite active, so you’ll need to take them out for walks everyday. That way they’ll know that playtime is not all the time. It would be a good idea to also play with them once a day at a specific time aside from taking them out for a walk. Grooming is also not a problem for this breed. Just make sure to brush its coat often to avoid excessive shedding.

1. Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is the best choice if you want a family dog. It’s very easy to train, so housebreaking isn’t usually a problem. Even older Labrador Retrievers adapt easily to new environments, as long as they’re trained properly. This breed is an ideal companion not just for younger children, but for grandparents too. They’re gentle and athletic but not rowdy, so you can keep them indoors most of the day. The breed is a great choice for a family dog if you have a lot of space. Of course like any dog, daily exercise is very important so take your Labrador Retriever out for a daily walk.

When it comes to grooming, Labrador Retrievers aren’t high maintenance. They do shed seasonally but it shouldn’t be a big problem with daily brushing and regular bathing. Generally, the Labrador Retriever is a fun-loving dog that the whole family will get along with. They’re also very loyal and smart.

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