5 Best Places to Visit on Christmas


The best time of the year has arrived and we can finally let loose, indulge with wonderful culinary delicacies, engage in some really expensive wine tasting and, why not, plan a Christmas to remember for the whole family. For those of you who dream of enjoying a traditional Christmas there are several out of the box destinations, as well as for those who often thought about skipping Christmas altogether. Because finding the perfect place to spend Christmas with the whole family will probably be a last minute affair, we have thought about making it easier for you to decide in advance: rate the following best 5 places to visit on Christmas and take your pick!

1. Bethlehem

The first destination on our list is, of course, the birthplace of Jesus – Bethlehem. Some modern scholars are truly skeptical as to whether Jesus was really born in Bethlehem or not; their main concern has to do with how to interpret the biblical stories and with the possible historical truths that they may contain. However, until the controversy settles down, we warmly invite you to discover the city of Bethlehem as it is today. The Christmas period is celebrated in a rather traditional and down-to-earth manner. There are no high end parties and over decorated trees, there are no carol singing and Santa Clause impersonators on every corner of the street; the holy day of the 25th of December is celebrated with a procession that passes through Manger Square – the plaza outside the Basilica of the Nativity – and with a mass at twelve o’clock on Christmas Eve in St. Catherine’s Church.

2. Santa Claus Village in Finland

The next destination is representative for the other side of the Christmas celebrations spectrum and it is none other than the Santa Claus Village in Finland. If you just can’t get enough of that jolly old man, eternally laughing away all the troubles and problems in the world, and you also have a considerably deep pocket for this time of year, the Santa Claus Village is the perfect location for you and your children to enjoy memorable adventures. The fairytale like landscape is bound to get you all in the Christmas spirit. Also, many surprises wait for you at the Santa Claus Post Office where your letters receive a special Santa postmark treatment, as well as at Santa Claus’s Office where you can talk and take pictures with the man of the hour himself.

3. St. Lucia

For those of you who are just sick tired of the never ending fuss of the Christmas celebrations; for those of you who are in desperate need of peace, quiet and a cocktail you can enjoy in the company of the warm and sunny breeze of an exotic island -  well, St. Lucia is the answer to your payers. This Caribbean Island has it all: luxurious vegetation, white sand beaches, extraordinary hotels and even a Festival of Lights with light sculptures and lantern contests, in case you decide to explore the island. There is nothing more relaxing than avoiding the low temperatures of December, and more enviable than coming back from your vacation to work with a suntan.


New York City is one of the top most wanted cities to spend the Christmas holidays in, especially because there are so many kinds of festivities and activities that literally transform this city into a winter wonderland. Amongst the attractions that New York offers to all its tourists during this time of year, you have to see: the famous Rockefeller Christmas Tree, the ice skating ring in Central Park, the numerous holiday shows for kids and adults held at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, and many, many other.

5. North Pole, Alaska

And the last destination on our list of suggested locations is also the less conventional destination of them all: the North Pole, Alaska. Not many people might know this, but this city is actually located at about 2,700 km south of Earth’s geographically real North Pole. The tale of Santa Claus has made this town famous around the world and has literally put it on the tourist map. Also known today as the home of Santa Claus, the North Pole is annually flooded by thousands of letters addressed to Santa and by hundreds of tourists ready to spend their money at the famous gift shop named Santa Claus House and while visiting the many Santa themed attractions the city boasts with.

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