5 Best Types of Jewelry for Men


Men’s jewelry is more popular now than ever before. Years ago, most men wore only wedding rings, class rings and cuff links. Now, however, a whole world of possibilities has opened up for men who like to wear jewelry. If you believe the special man in your life would enjoy expressing his own individuality and style with some fashionable pieces of jewelry, consider these five styles that are particularly popular in contemporary men’s fashion.

cross jewelry 21. Cross Jewelry for Men

Although the cross has traditionally been recognized as a symbol of Christianity, this iconic shape has become a mainstay in modern jewelry. If the man you’re shopping for would like to wear cross jewelry as an indication of his faith, there are certainly still plenty of pieces that will do that quite nicely. However, if your guy would prefer to wear cross jewelry for men simply for the sake of fashion, consider a piece with a more contemporary flair, such as a stainless steel bracelet with black resin crosses.

2. Celtic Jewelry for Men

You don’t have to have Celtic ancestry to enjoy any one of the striking Celtic designs that are so popular in current jewelry fashions. From rings to bracelets to necklaces, you’ll find a huge variety of Celtic-inspired designs from which to choose. Not only are Celtic designs attractive, but many of them symbolize important concepts of life, such as the traditional Celtic knot design and its connection with eternity and everlasting love.

3. Black Jewelry for Men

Once you see some of the stunning black jewelry available for men, you’ll no doubt understand why this style has become one of the most popular trends in modern men’s accessories. Black jewelry is particularly common in some of the more contemporary materials, such as stainless steel, titanium and tungsten carbide. One fine example of sleek black jewelry is a black tungsten carbide pendant with a single diamond accent.

4. Tribal Jewelry for Men

Tribal-inspired designs are perhaps some of the trendiest of all. These unmistakably masculine forms usually resemble shapes taken from antlers or flames. Whether the piece is sculptural in nature or simply a design that appears on a pendant, necklace or ring, these ancient motifs can be remarkably modern looking. Consider, for example, a piece that incorporates a tribal design into cross jewelry for men, such as a black stainless steel tribal cross pendant.

5. Animal-themed Jewelry for Men

Lions, snakes, bears, tigers, eagles and a myriad of other animals adorn much of contemporary men’s jewelry. Most often, the animals that are represented on these pieces are predatory creatures, but you’ll also find other less threatening figures, such as horses, parrots, fish, owls, elephants and many more. Animal-themed jewelry might be especially appropriate if the man in your life likes to hunt or fish, or even if he simply has a fondness for a particular creature.

Men’s jewelry really has come a long way in the past few years. At one time it was only acceptable for women to enjoy the benefits of dressing up an outfit with various styles of jewelry, but now men can do the same. Whether the guy in your life prefers bracelets, rings, pendants, chain necklaces or any of the other myriad of jewelry styles available, you’re bound to find the perfect piece for him from either a jewelry store or a reputable online retailer. There’s more good news: many of the contemporary materials – such as cobalt chrome, tungsten carbide, titanium and stainless steel – are not only very attractive, but quite affordable as well. With this kind of selection at prices that will fit almost any budget, you’ll quickly come to understand why men’s jewelry is the perfect gift choice for the special guy in your life.

This Guest post is contributed by Cindy White who writes about cross jewelry for men and other styles for JustMensRings.com.

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