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Le Style Anglais was born with the launching of the Mulberry first seasonal collection and since then, fashion critiques and fans alike have praised the brand’s perseverance to deliver only high-quality products. The creative process has strongly been influenced by Britain’s most popular hobbies, so that it is of no surprise that quirky country activities have been in the center of attention even from the very beginning. Fishing, hunting and shooting have inspired the creation of iconic pieces over the years. From the contemporary satchel bag for women and the newest sophisticated messenger bags for men, to fabulous cocktail dresses and signature biker boots – Mulberry has it all. Every season culminates with the launching a fresh collection of bags and other pieces added to the core families.

1. Boho Mulberry Peace Dress

mulberry 1

The Boho Mulberry Peace dress, better known as the Full Pleated Shirt dress, reflects boldness and emancipation, while preserving a conservative look to it as well. First of all, the shirt-dress style barrows obvious details from a man’s shirt, including the collar, a button front and cuffed sleeves. Secondly, the dress is essentially conceived with help of the bohemian and hippie influences, also known as the boho-chic style. With all this in mind, we can easily agree with the official description of this dress: “prim and proper with a Mulberry twist, the full pleated shirt dress will not let you blend into the crowd”.

2. Mulberry Black Cocktail Dress

mulberry 2The Mulberry Black Cocktail Dress, also known as the see-through back pleated dress, is an exquisite example of a Vintage-style cocktail dress still widely popular today. With black always being in fashion, this back pleated dress hits the jackpot. Made out of the highest quality cotton and silk, the dress is sleeveless with a round neck and trim at the back of the waist. From its description I believe every fashion fan has already guessed that this dress is perfect for an intimate dinner party, early afternoon anniversary celebrations and other occasions when we want to draw attention with style.

3. Mulberry Ted Messenger Bag

mulberry 3The collection of messenger bags specially created for the male category includes an incredibly large variety of sizes, shapes and colors. But this season’s undoubtedly best seller has been the Mulberry Ted Messenger Bag. The bag has been warmly named Ted because of the belief that every name has the power to reflect certain personality traits or style characteristics, in this case. And indeed, this short, yet powerful name is composed of three characters, exactly the number of ways in which the bag can be carried: across the body, handheld and as a backpack. With the perfect combination of business and leisure, the bag will match any outfit for daily occasions. It features one roomy main compartment, a flap closure with buckle detail and three Postman’s locks for closure, while the exterior is made out of the highest quality leather in a natural oak color. Both the structured leather handle and the exterior back D-rings convey the bag’s multi-functionality and sleek design.

4. Mulberry Bayswater Bags

mulberry 4Quintessentially feminine, this handbag collection can satisfy your taste for elegance and sophistication by mixing exquisite craftsmanship and finest-quality natural leather with a complementary luxurious design. The Bayswater handbags are specially created for a woman’s most hidden desires, and practicality is one of them. Suitable for every occasion, be it for an office outfit or a night out in the city, the Mulberry Bayswater has a 10.4” X 14.2” X 6.3” size. Adorned with the now famous Postman’s golden lock, the brushed soft leather interior has extra belt straps for enabling the widening of the handbag when extra space is needed.  Its exceptionally spacious and easy to fit style makes this handbag the number one choice of women all over the world.

5. Mulberry Postman’s Lock Biker Boots

mulberry 5Mulberry Postman’s Lock Biker Boots is the quintessential example of a sleek, classic leather boot design that will take you through the season with style. These boots come in a variety of colors, but my old time favorite is the soft oak with matte finishing; they are multi-trapped, belted and fastened with collar studs buckles and mini lock closures. All the detailing done on these boots reflects the Mulberry simple, yet elegant style.

What I really love about these boots is that they have a flat lacquered sole and a rounded toe, both two immensely practical qualities in shoes. Besides this, Postman’s Lock Biker Boots are practical because they can perfectly match your outfit from autumn through winter until early spring time. The knee-high style makes them easily adjustable for trips in the country side, a night on the town or even glamorous parties.

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