5 Incredible Family-Friendly Home Security Tips


home securityHome security isn’t just about keeping the family safe – it’s also about giving your loved ones the peace of mind to feel safe and secure in their own home. Time and time again we are bombarded by the, mostly, bad news on the television and the radio.

“The economy is falling.”

“Crime is on the rise.”

“The big bad sequester will destroy the nation.”

It can all get pretty overwhelming which is why, as a homeowner, you want to do everything you can to increase the comfort and lower the anxiety. In short, you and your family deserve to feel safe and there are lots of ways you can do this in the home.

1. Bring a Dog into the Equation

There’s a good reason why they are called man’s best friend – that’s exactly what they are. Unlike a lot of domesticated pets out there, dogs have a very unique relationship with humanity. They have stood by us for thousands of years – helping us hunt, keeping us warm, standing watch over our loved ones and just being there for us when times are tough. Dogs possess incredible hearing allowing them to detect the approach of a vehicle or a pedestrian long before you do. Statistically-speaking, homes where a dog is present are much less likely to be broken into. Add to that the fact that dogs have been known to lower anxiety and stress, and you’re left with more reasons FOR a dog that far outnumber those AGAINST.

2. Limit Cover of Darkness and Bushes

No one is suggesting that you can’t have any bushes out front or that you should light up your front lawn like it’s the Fourth of July – you just need to limit the criminal’s ability to hide. This can be done with regular maintenance of your bushes and shrubs – especially those that are flanking your windows and doors. The reason is because criminals typically spend time scoping out a target before they let themselves in. They rely on bushes to conceal them from prying eyes while they pry into your daily lives, determining what is worth stealing and when you are less likely to be home. Darkness also conceals criminals well which is why a decent set of motion-sensing lights is perfect. The more you limit their cover, the less chance criminals have to successfully target your home.

3. Strengthen All the Major Entry Points

Your doors are the most likely points of entry criminals will use to let themselves in. Front doors, back doors, even those sliding glass doors people have leading to decks – it’s extremely important that you fortify these. For the front door, you want to make sure that the locks are all sturdy and up to code. Sometimes locks and deadbolts require replacing if they are a couple years old. Mechanisms and tumblers can weaken with use. If the door is made of wood, it might be better to replace the entire thing with a sturdier slab door which is harder to crack. Sliding glass doors present a different challenge since the doors are made of glass and the locking mechanisms usually aren’t very strong. This can, however, be remedied by obstructing the sliding track with a piece of two-by-four and placing a seal over the glass.

4. Establish a Safe Zone or House

In school, your children have fire drills so that they know how best to react in the event of a fire. You can have drills for your family regarding a break-in without traumatizing anyone, as well. Establishing a safe zone or a house that your family can escape to in the event of an emergency can not only prepare them but it introduces the concept of an intrusion in a calm and reasonable manner. You can designate a piece of property or even the neighbor’s house (if you’re on good terms, of course) as a safe zone. That way your family has somewhere safe to gather in the event of an emergency and your children will know how to react during an emergency at the home.

5. There Are Always Home Security Systems

Last but not least, if you’re still pressed for ideas on how to make the home safe for your family, there are home security systems. The market is literally flooded with different providers and sites like www.tophomealarms.com/, for example, so tracking one down won’t be difficult. And, because the market is so saturated with these providers, prices are pretty competitive meaning most families with middle or low income can afford decent and reliable security systems. All you really need is the time to shop around and find the price and system that works for you.

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