6 Most Lovable Men on Television


We all know what a good TV show does to us. Our eyes get glued to the screen, our bottoms stick to the couch, and our ears start to tune out every sound in the room that’s not coming from the speakers. It doesn’t help that there are so many lovable men on screen these days! So to satisfy your craving, here are six of TV’s sexiest, most charming male characters.

1. Barney Stinson

Barney Stinson

He sometimes goes by different aliases but to us he needs no introduction. He’s Barney Stinson, and he’s our favorite womanizer. Barney is famous for always wearing a coat and tie. He loves the females as much as the show’s female fans love him. He’s opinionated, manipulative, witty, and attractive. It’s a lethal combination and we love it. And just when we thought we knew everything there was to know about him, he got engaged to a stripper named Quinn. Barney never fails to surprise us but we love him just the same. Catch Neil Patrick Harris (playing Barney Stinson) in “How I Met Your Mother.”

2. Jon Snow

Jon Snow

Many girls who were once addicted to wizards and vampires are now women who are hooked on kings and warriors. “Game of Thrones” is a TV series that we all love. We’re sure you already know Jon Snow as Lord Eddard Stark’s bastard. And we’re sure that you swoon whenever you watch him fighting with a sword or just being his sexy self on the small screen. If you don’t know him yet, he’s portrayed by Kit Harington. You won’t miss his dark locks and expressive eyes! We warn you, though. You might not be able to pay much attention to anyone else on the show when he’s on.

3. Harvey Specter

Harvey Specter

A man who can defend himself is sexy. A man who can defend himself and others is even sexier. Harvey Specter is a senior partner at Pearson Hardman. He’s handsome, competitive, and fierce. Because he’s a talented lawyer and he knows it, he’s respected by many but is not really easy to like. Female viewers, however, love his personality. You must also love him for being such a great mentor to Mike, his associate at the firm. Gabriel Macht stars as Harvey Specter in the TV show “Suits.”

4. Sheldon Cooper

sheldon cooper

The word “bazinga” probably doesn’t make sense to you if you haven’t already met TV’s favorite geek. Sheldon Cooper is the average man. He became Sheldon Cooper, Ph.D. at the age of 16 and is popular for being sarcastic and extremely hygienic. He’s also a great prankster and he can’t part with his comic books…okay so maybe he’s not so average after all. But we love him because of that! Jim Parsons portrays Sheldon Cooper, B.S., M.S., M.A., Ph.D., Sc.D. Watch him and his equally intelligent friends as they live their lives on “The Big Bang Theory.”

5. Nick Miller

Nick Miller

When it comes to men – there’s boyfriend material, and then there’s boy-friend material. Nick, played by Jake Johnson, is irresistible to the female population because he’s smart and he can take care of himself, or at least try. We find that cute, don’t we? He’s an all-around nice guy, and he attracts female viewers because he’s the boy-next-door type (literally and figuratively). Catch him and his roommates Jessica, Schmidt, and Winston in “New Girl”.

6. Dean Winchester

Who doesn’t love a strong man? Dean Winchester fights ghosts, demons, monsters, and basically anything evil. His good looks and great sense of humor make him one of the most appealing characters on the small screen. Portrayed by Jensen Ackles in a TV series called “Supernatural”, this bad boy is someone who attracts two things: danger and hot women. What makes him sexy though is the fact that he cares about his friends and family more than anything in the world. You can say he’s a toughie with a soft heart. What more can you ask for?

Tell us what you think of these top charismatic characters of Television!

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