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Over the last decade, casino gambling and poker has become much more mainstream and accepted by society.  As such, you now see many more celebrities show up at casinos all over the world and try their luck at games such as poker, blackjack, and more.  Below are a few celebrities that are known to be regular casino game players.

For fans of international football, or soccer as Americans like to call it, Jonny Evans is a well known defender.  The Manchester United defender has also shown prowess in casino games, specifically poker.  Last year, he wont the MUFC PartyPoker Challenge against other star footballers from Manchester United and returned this year to defend his title.  Inspired by lessons given by professional Tony G, Evans navigated his way through the field for a second year in a row to take the title.  Proceeds of the game went to an Northern Irish hospice.

Basketball fans in Chicago are well aware of Michael Jordan’s tendencies to gamble at the tables.  During his days with the Chicago Bulls, Jordan was known to gamble away Millions at a time at the tables.  His gambling actually became a concern for the team and a league for a while, but Jordan apparently pulled in the reigns on his gambling habits as it soon became a non-issue.

Alex Rodriguez is another sports star who got in a little bit of trouble for his gambling habits.  The New York Yankees shortstop was involved in several high stakes underground poker games and Major League Baseball was rumored to be considering a ban on Rodriguez for his involvement.  Those games later became a target of a lawsuit as the host ran a Ponzi scheme and used investor funds to play in the games.

Several Hollywood celebrities are known poker players and frequent the Main Event of the World Series of Poker.  Among those stars are Ben Affleck, Ray Romano, Lou Diamond Phillips, Toby Mcguire, Shannon Elizabeth, Brad Garrett, and Jason Alexander.  At this year’s WSOP, Kevin Pollak made a deep run in the event and finished 134th out of a field of 6,598 players.

As casino games have become more mainstream and even highly televised, showing up to play a few hands of poker not only can be fun but a way for some celebrities to gain exposure for themselves.  That is one reason you see more and more celebrities show up on poker TV shows.  As the game continues to grow in acceptance, don’t be surprised to see more celebrities show up and try their luck.

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