CompTIA Offers Basic Series Certification


The perfect way to begin work in the IT profession is by earning the Strata IT Fundamentals certification. Offered in the basic certification series by CompTIA, this certification is ideal for anyone entering the IT field for the first time or in/applying to a job that involves basic to intermediate computer processes. Although it does serve as the introductory certification for the specialty certifications, as well as the A+, Security+ and Network+ certifications, it can be earned as a stand-alone certification; there is no requirement to continue in the CompTIA certification program.

The basic series certification is exactly as its name implies. Basic, foundational IT and computer topics will be brought up. Comprehension of the functionality, compatibility, and components of PC’s will ensure your success in this program. Additional topics, such as Green IT and preventive maintenance measures, may also appear on the certification exam. The knowledge presented will be on a technical level but can be applied in any business setting.

Overall, this is a certification that represents a wide general overview of the IT program and computer involvement in such areas as networking, storage, and security. Whether you already have experience as an IT professional or are just starting out in the field (if you are a college graduate or are shifting careers), this is a certification that will become extremely useful in your career. The skills learned in CompTIA’s basic series are ones that you will carry with you regardless of what your future is in the IT field.

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