Five Chores Every Man Would Rather Go Without Doing


It’s not that men forget to do some certain chores or couldn’t remember to do them, mostly it’s because they don’t fancy doing these chores. If his heart is not into doing what needs to be done then chances are he will forget whatever it is that needs doing. The list could have been longer but that would take a book to complete, so narrowing down the list to just five of the major chores give many hopes. Take a look! 5KT5ZE6S8GQ7

1. Taking out Trash

taking out trashEver wonder why getting a man to take out the trash out takes a lot of reminding and perhaps some nagging? Well the list puts this as one of the many chores men would rather skip or avoid all together. Its not that it is hard the fact that depending on the house hold, it either takes a short while to get filled up which makes it look like emptying the bin is not helping; or it takes ages before the bin gets filled. Whichever way constant reminding is necessary. Human Nature

2. Scrubbing Pots and Pans

scrubbing pots and pansThe cleaning part of cooking is one of the parts of cooking which leaves many men out of the kitchen. Rather the place stay the way it is. Scrubbing pots and pans comes as a headache for many and is something men would gladly skip in the whole cooking process. Rarely, when the pots and pans get done finding spotless pans is not necessarily guaranteed.

3. Mowing the Lawn

mowing the lawnHow quickly the grass grows right! Ever pass by the house where lawn is never done and wonder why? I will vouch for the guys here grass just seems to sprout every time you glance at the lawn. This chore must be the toughest of them all and would sometimes have money put aside for someone else to do other than breaking your back for it. A smart move if you ask me.

4. Cleaning the Gutters

cleaning the guttersLets start by noting how clearing the gutter is a dangerous job and a lot of care should be observed. None the less, a job men would procrastinate and leave till it was really necessary to do. Here I got to give it to the guys, heights are pretty big deal and putting yourself in harms way because of water spilling over. I guess not.

5. Shopping

shoppingimage source

90% of the time men will mess up on the grocery list this is because to men brand of toilet paper doesn’t matter as long as the job gets done. The reason why this is a task worth avoiding all together is majorly cause you are bound to mess up even when you have done everything to the letter.  Sure, may be you got a different brand of sauce then the one usually used that doesn’t constitute a messed up chore.

All in all, anything men are not good at they don’t like doing. Human nature!

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