Five Fragrances Every Woman Should Have


Men might forget a name, first anniversary or even birthday, but one thing they will never forget is the scent of a woman. They even go a step further to find out the name of the scent. Once you get the scent then everything else (first kiss, first date) comes rushing back to mind. It goes without saying; the perfume you wear will leave a lasting impression on practically anyone you talk to. Below are five scents that top the list of the hundreds of perfumes out there.

 1. Euphoria by Calvin Klein

Euphoria by Calvin KleinEuphoria by Calvin Klein has to be one of the top scents in this list. This long lasting fragrance can be worn anytime during the day. A very seductive scent that will get heads turning. Euphoria won the prominent FIFI award for the best Luxe fragrance in 2006, it is no wonder once you start using this you get hooked. A group of three perfumers came together to create this scent, Loc Dong, Dominique Ropion and Carlos Benaim.

 2. Chanel No. 5

Chanel No. 5For the women who love everything floral then this one is for you. An easy going scent that can be worn basically anytime day or night. It has a lovely fragrance and lasts the whole day. You will probably need a bottle or two of these just to stock up on a romantic scent.

 3. Very Irresistible by Givenchy

Very Irresistible by GivenchyThe purple bottle adds to the appeal of this floral scent. Some say the color purple is for good judgement nad rightfully so, Very Irresistible is a good choice for any woman to have in her wardrobe. Created by Dominique Ropion, this scent has a mixture of many composites but the one that makes it one of the most preferred sensual scents, is vanilla. You cannot go wrong with vanilla.

 4. Poison by Christian Dior  

 Poison by Christian DiorOh yes! Poison had to make the list. A pretty expensive bottle of perfume but its pros totally make up for that. It is long lasting, very sexy and even draws compliments. Now who doesn’t like compliments! Men seem to love the subtle scent. Isn’t this worth your money. Though you can wear this anytime day or night, to work or where ever, it is best worn for special  occasion. It’s sex appeal is for real.

 5. Emporio Armani Night

Five Fragrances Every Woman Should Have - Emporio Armani NightFinally, the one fragrance every woman should have had to come from Giorgio Armani. Emporio Armani Night by Giorgio Armani has a easy fuity scent basically from its notes. From cranberries to black currant this scent is best for night use. It’s longivity is not that long in harsh weather thus best used at night. The notes in this scent make it a sexy scent and will enchant all you come close to.

Well ladies, there you have it! A sneak peak to what you should be getting to get the attention you deserve. The results of having a bottle or two of the above is worth the cost.

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