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The internet is by far the most effective way to advertise in this day and age, both in terms of the amount of people you can reach and the amount of money it costs to do so. Social media is in turn the most effective way to advertise on the internet itself, far more so than simple banner ads or the like. But when people think of using social networks for their business, they usually simply think of Facebook and leave it at that. By stopping there, a business is denying themselves a huge audience in Google+ users.

img1There is a reason why Facebook is the number one website businesses use to advertise on social media. It is the number one social media site, and there are no signs that this will stop in 2013. Google+ however does have quite a strong following, and will consistently accrue more and more users as 2013 wears on. Though some of these people will have Facebook in addition to their Google+ accounts, many others will either be permanent migrators or people entirely new to social media. If you do not spread out and make a profile on Google+ for your business, you risk losing out on free advertising to all of these people.

The solution is simply to make a Google+ account, but it’s a little more complicated than that. What makes a good profile for a business is far removed from what makes a good profile for an individual. It is highly recommended you hire a company that specializes in setting up the best account possible for your business, like Media Whiz. Though it’s possible to create your own account, you will suffer for not having someone who can add logos, excellent formatting options, clearly place information and so forth. This is not where their services end however. Having a profile is great, but it’s rather pointless if you don’t do anything with it.

The more people you have in your circles, the more people will see your profile. This in turn will result in a lot more people using your services. The best part of social media is that it can a cascade of buzz, where people commend your services and recommend others to use them.

Social media is the way of the future, and Google+ is the future of social media. Though Facebook and others like it will never go away, it isn’t about choosing one website and sticking to. Your business can only thrive if you give yourself a presence in every major social media network, and Google+ is certainly a major social media network. In fact it is well on its way to being one of the largest ones on the internet. If you want to get into Google+ before everyone else does to stand out, now is the time to do so.

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