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Things You Didn’t Know About Coffee

We drink it every morning at home, on our way to work or at the office. For centuries it has served us well and because we recognize that our lives could not unfold without it, today, coffee is the second most traded commodity on earth, after oil, of course. Whether you need the buzz or high it gives in just a few minutes after drinking it, or you enjoy ... Continue Reading →
5 Addictive Things You Do Every Day -Drinking Coffee

5 Addictive Things You Do Every Day

What we do on an everyday basis, starting with our morning rituals and ending with our sleeping patterns, makes us who we are more than some might be inclined to believe. For it is our actions that define us who we are, and not the elusive image we have created in our minds about who we are. Unknowingly sometimes, we engage in behaviors that seem harmless, ... Continue Reading →