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Top 10 Popular Websites. Thousands of websites are visited daily by users all over the world.  Many people have their favorites that they visit constantly, and check regularly.  These Ten Most Popular Websites are visited by millions of users around the globe on a day-to-day basis.

10. Pinterest


Pinterest is a site for pinning.  You find things you like, anything at all, and “pin” them to a board that fits in with the theme of what the picture is about.  It can be sports, movies, clothes, funny pictures, quotes, do it yourself crafts, recipes, wedding ideas, etc.  Anything in the world that you like or find interesting or just really want to have, you can pin it on a board so you can come back to it in the future and see what you put.  This site became very popular in 2012 and it has achieved stable reputation among its users worldwide.

9. Ebay


Ebay is an online store site where you can buy and sell things.  You put up an item for bid and the person who bids the highest wins it, and then has to pay the seller the price they bid.  It’s a great way to find items for cheap.

8. Amazon


Amazon is a popular online store site.  You can find almost anything available for purchase, and get it at cheaper than you would at regular stores.  Amazon is a great site for buying online.

7. Blogger


Blogger is a popular site for people to set up their own blogging website for free.  A blog is where you write about something, like your thoughts on a topic, and publish it for others to read and see.

6. Yahoo


Yahoo is another popular search engine, like google.  It is also one of the more popular sites for email.  Yahoo starts its homepage by providing all of the most current news around the world.

5. Wikipedia


Wikipedia is a popular information site.  If you want to research a topic, Wikipedia is the place to go.  The term wiki means that any of the sites users can edit and add information.

4. Youtube


Youtube is the most popular site for watching videos.  There are how-to videos, music videos, basically any type of video you want to watch, look for it on youtube and it’s most likely there.

3. Twitter


Twitter is another popular social networking site, like Facebook.  It has gained a lot of ground in 2012, becoming popular among many, including celebrities. We list Twitter at 3rd position on ten popular websites’ list.

2. Google

top ten popular websites google

Google is the site where you go for answers.  You can search for any topic you want to know more about, and it will provide links to websites that can provide you with that information.  Google is the most used searched engine out there.

1. Facebook

facebookFacebook is the most popular site around.  It is a great way to share updates, photos, and more and connect with friends and family you otherwise wouldn’t get to talk to.  Facebook is the best social networking site out there and it stands at top position on the ten most popular websites.

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