Top 10 Most Practical Wedding Anniversary Gifts


Gone are the days when an anniversary gift has to be a very expensive item that one can only use on special occasions. Diamonds, crystals, and leather still make us happy of course. But these days, more and more people want practical gifts on even the biggest anniversaries. If you have a celebration coming up and you have no idea what to get your significant other, here’s a practical gift guide to help you out.

10. Couple t-shirts

Wedding Anniversary Gifts -couple t-shirtsFor the couple on a really tight budget, a cute yet sweet way to celebrate an anniversary is by buying couple t-shirts that will show everyone how proud you are of your spouse. You can buy them ready-to-wear at a specialty store, or you can go the extra mile and get them custom made. What’s great about couple t-shirts is that you can wear them on any casual day.

9. Running shoes

Wedding Anniversary Gifts -running shoesA nice new pair of running shoes will encourage your special someone to live a healthy lifestyle. Choose a style that you know they’ll love so they’ll be inspired to work out. You can even get matching pairs so you can go jogging together in the morning. This is a great way to save money on gym memberships!

8. Massage pillow

Wedding Anniversary Gifts -massage pillowThere are different kinds of massage pillows in the market and they really work. A massage pillow on your anniversary shows your significant other that you care and that you want them to be happy and comfortable even when you’re not there. This is an especially nice gift if your husband or wife works long hours.

7. Lingerie

Wedding Anniversary Gifts -lingeriePlay a little game and get intimate pieces of clothing for each other the day before your anniversary. The only rule is: you can’t shop together. That way you won’t know what your spouse will be picking out for you. On the night before your anniversary, wear the lingerie you got for each other to welcome your anniversary.

 6. Blu-ray/DVD player

Wedding Anniversary Gifts -Blu-ray DVD playerA sturdy media player will get you through hundreds of movie marathons. For your anniversary, get your sweetheart a Blu-ray or DVD player. Burn all your favorite songs, videos, and photos onto a disc and insert it into the player for that added surprise.

5. Couples’ cooking classes

Wedding Anniversary Gifts -couples cooking classesEven if you already know how to cook, you can always take a few cooking lessons to learn a few new kitchen skills. There are places that offer cooking classes for different budgets, so find one that you and your husband or wife can enjoy together. He or she will love spending time with you. You can even choose a start date that’s earlier than your anniversary so you can just cook at home on your big night.

 4. Camera

Wedding Anniversary Gifts -cameraA camera will record all your most precious moments together. Sure there are mobile phones that allow you to take professional looking photos and applications that allow you to upload them on your favorite social networking sites. A dedicated camera will still be a great anniversary gift, though. Take photos of each other and bring it with you whenever you travel. You can even use it to take photos to start a scrap book for your next anniversary.

 3. Wrist watch

Wedding Anniversary Gifts -wrist watch

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If you want to splurge a little, get your life partner a nice wrist watch. Get a bejeweled piece for her to remind her of you whenever she checks the time. For him, you can’t go wrong with a nice leather strapped watch to add to his growing collection. You can even buy a piece with additional features.

 2. Gym equipment

Wedding Anniversary Gifts -gym equipment If you don’t have time to go to the gym and you jogging around the neighborhood is not enough for you, you can invest in gym equipment. For a big anniversary, surprise your husband or wife by converting an extra room in your house into a gym. A gym at home will also give you guys more time to bond with each other.

 1. New Bed

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After building a life together, it’s time to reward yourselves with a nice, new bed. The best part about getting a bed for your anniversary is that it’s something you’ll both love. You can each pay half of the cost and consider it an investment. It is, after all, where you’ll be spending countless nights together. Decorate the room with candles and rose petals to make your anniversary memorable.

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