Top 10 Ways To Look Elegant Without Makeup


Our society has made a belief that one can only look beautiful with make up. People wear makeup to look beautiful and to be noticed. Some wear to hide their facial defects or imperfections. The main reason is to enhance their beauty and elegance. While most of them hinder to wear make up. The reason can be being allergic to makeup, disliking to wear it and many others but you can look elegant without make up too. Now a days there are several proven ways you can adopt to look different and attractive. Here I am going to describe 10 best ways to look gorgeous without makeup. These ways will help you to be appearing as a natural beauty. The main things that are to be maintained is hygiene and confidence.

1. Intensify your inside and outside beauty

First of all you must try to look pretty both from inside and outside. For inside beauty you can do yoga for a minimum of 15-20 minutes a day and breathe in fresh air, wear classy and trendy lingerie to give a sexy and attractive appearance. Wear colors that suits you if you have a fair complexion you can wear any color and if you have a slightly dark complexion wear light and medium colors like peach, aqua, light blue, cream etc. These things will intensify your inside and outside appearance.

2. Skin care

Secondly, take good care of your skin. Natural skin should look moisturized all time. Wear trendy sunglasses to protect your eyes from dark circles. Take a regular beauty sleep of 8 hours daily. Use sunblock while going out and drink 6-8 glasses of water, drink juices and eat vegetables and fruits. These things will provide your skin a natural glow and freshness.

3. Hygiene

Thirdly, you must be hygienic. Take shower daily and preferably in the morning as it will make you fresh & invigorated as your body discharge secretion it can be sweating, oil or whatever, a shower in the morning will wake you up in a better way. Otherwise you must have to wash your face twice a day. Skincare is a key of a glowing skin that’s why you must be very careful in choosing your face wash, lotion or beauty cream. In addition you must follow a regimen for your skin this will surely develop your interest towards your skin.

4. Hair care

The fourth important thing is washed off your hair daily, if your hair are greasy or oily. Otherwise hair must need to be washed thrice in a week. Pick a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair. Use herbal oils for strength and shine and rinse your hair with water. Fresh and smooth hair can give you a completely changed look.

5. Have a perfect haircut

Fifth step to look elegant without makeup is to have a perfect haircut. Ample of hairstyles are designed for ladies. Pick a hairstyle that is according to your face shape and height. Your appearance can be improved with hair coloring or by straightening, perming, curling or rebonding of hair. Your hairstyle must suits your face so that you will look pretty without makeup.

6. Regular exercise


A regular exercise is the sixth rule of having a stunning appearance without make up. Exercise not only makes you active but also assists you to maintain a healthy body and a sound mind. If you want to reduce or put on weight you can join a gym or health club. A slim and smart figure looks overwhelming and immensely attractive.

7.  Keep smiling

Smile is the seventh step to look beautiful. It is a very effective accessory that can groom your personality, smile as much as you can this will not only provide you a friendly look but also people will enjoy your company. Clean your teeth gently and neatly on a daily basis. Use mouth freshener for nice smell.

8. Well groomed eyebrows

8th rule is groom your eyebrows and lashes properly. A well groomed and well shaped eye brow can strongly grab attention of people towards your face.

9. Be confident

Confidence is the ninth rule. Do everything with confidence, enjoy life and accept the criticism. Feel yourself the best and the most gorgeous lady of the world.

10. Make use of perfumes

The tenth rule is make use a light perfume or deodorant, people will like you and wish to be with you if you smell good. Flowers are liked in the similar way.

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