Top 5 Androids Apps Making Life Easy And Comfortable


Top 5 Android Apps: Technology has revolutionized human life and several remarkable innovations are designed and introduced each day to make life easier and simpler. These days Android and iOS are in an interesting app war and each company is making their users available with mind-blowing and heart breaking apps. Increasing number of apps have made it difficult to track an app that honestly worth your precious time. To make your list simpler here is top 5 Android apps that can make your life easier than ever before.

5. Taskos

One of the most popular and highly used apps is Taskos that help user to stay organized. It has a voice recognition feature and has a simple interface. It is not an ordinary To-Do List app. It enables users to add, delete, edit and share tasks with friends via SMS, Google sync and emails. Moreover, users can configure alarms and can write notes. The impressive features that put Taskos apart from its competitor apps is its feature to auto-complete names from the phonebook and dial them from the app directly.

4. Droid Wallet

People having problem in money management will be happy to know about this application. As it helps them with their monetary woes. Droid wallet is number 4 on our list of Top 5 Android Apps – it enables you to keep an eagle eye over your financial goings-on. Either small or large financial activities droid handles everything and is completely customizable. You can customize and categorize your income and expenses by transaction date or type. It has a remarkable feature that makes you able to track your daily spending. Users can set up their monthly or weekly budgets and helps you in boosting saving accounts. It also has password protection attribute and supports almost all currencies. It also offers an ease to keep the backup of all information in CSV spreadsheets.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is also most widely used android app- the best app for business tycoons as well as for personal use as it helps in organizing a huge pile of files. It is a personal storage enabling people to store documents, photos and videos anywhere and eliminates memory issues often faced with other apps. You can easily share office files or pictures with your friends anytime from any part of the world.

2. Recipe search

Recipe Search is listed on our 2nd position amongst the top 5 android apps. It is the best app for food lovers and for people having no understanding regarding cooking. This app enables you to discover above 70,000 recipes with complete instructions and you are left with no option to get bored of food. If you are diet specific this recipe app has categories like baby food, diabetic recipes, vegetarian and low calorie food and many more. This is the best app for students and bachelors living in hostels. You can search your favorite recipe easily note the ingredients and can cook a scrumptious meal within no time.

1. Pocket Yoga

Health is the important most assets of human being and everybody yearn for harmony. But, unfortunately in today’s competitive era man has overlooked to look after their health. That is why android has introduced the busy people with super cool Pocket Yoga app. It will serve you like your personal instructor and will show images and instructions for diverse yoga poses and assist you through the entire yoga course.  You are thinking now, how it makes life easier? Yoga combat stress, anxiety and relaxes your body and mind. With the stunning features of pocket yoga you can practice yoga in office, nearby park, balcony or the garden.

Hope you have enjoyed the list of some of the best android apps!

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