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Smartphone and tablets are communication devices with several additional informative, organizing and entertainment features. These devices provide maximum utilities in a single device. The android technology provides different useful android apps for all age groups. The colorful, informative, interactive and interesting apps are so popular among all ages.

Angry Birds

The Angry Birds android apps for kids are the most popular. The players can have a chance to play a game based on fight between the angry birds and the evil green pigs. This game is admired by so many people and is famous all over the world among people of every age group. This challenging game provides the best entertainment features. This game consists of several sequels, stages, seasons and themes, which are the levels of game. These all are achieved by the player after defeating the enemy from the previous stage. This level function derives people to play for longer as they feel curious about the events of the new level or stage.

Fruit Ninjas

The android technology allows the ease of swiping on the display screen that helps user in playing lots of games or android apps very efficiently. An exciting android app for kids is known as Fruit Ninjas. This app is about the flying fruits that should be sliced by the player according to the requirement of the selected mode of the user. The player needs to avoid slicing of fruits through the bombs which results in ending of the game or subtraction from the points scored. With the increase in the levels the player will get new and unique weapons and backgrounds. This app is very colorful and with exclusive features that bound the player to play for longer. Even the adults can’t resist from playing these types of android games.

Spaghetti Marshmallows

The puzzle game of android device known as the Spaghetti Marshmallows is the perfect game for the kids. The players with the help of these interesting android apps can make different types of structures for fun. These structures are made with the featured effects of animated marshmallows and spaghetti that are un-cooked for designing. The goal of the game is to make a perfect structure with the help of these two ingredients in a specific given on screen target. The building of unstable and indefinite structure will result in the destruction of the structure and the hungry frogs will eat the structure ingredients. After completion of the game level the rampage access will not harm the structure build up previously for the pleased player who wanted to save their remarkable work to show someone.

Additionally, the popularity of games is not limited to any genre or platform – Fighting Fish is one among them, which you can play at is a five reel, thirty payline game. It is very cheap to play, as the lowest denomination is set at a penny, for which you can bet per spin. And also the jackpot price is impressively high i.e., $12,500. Similarly, different features of Fighting Fish game, such as automatic plays feature can allow players to play five or ten fast spin controls.

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